You never know when bad luck strikes and this is especially true for the resident of NYC. New York is one of the largest cities in the world and an attractive place for tourists all around the globe. For these two reasons alone, the traffic in NYC is overbearing so the authorities have placed strict rules regarding parking and the NYC towing happens to have so much attention because you never when your car gets towed or when you need your car to be towed on demand.

NYPD Towed Vehicle Locator

Some New Yorkers have experienced towed vehicles. They parked their car on the road to run some errands only to find out it has been towed away by the authorities, ending up in NYC towing pound Manhattan. Whether you have parked your car in a parking zone, or have tickets unpaid, NYPD will tow your and after NYC towing fees you can have it. A vehicle that is towed in terms of the following reasons:

1. You owe more than $350 or more in parking summons.
2. Double-parked car.
3. Parked on a fire hydrant.
6. Unpaid parking meter.
5. Blocking an intersection or tunnel.
6. Blocking a driveway.

Your car may be towed at any location by the police department for any violation.

How to find a towed car in NYC:

To locate and retrieve your towed car, use the Towed Vehicle Locator (NYPD towed vehicles only) or you can contact 311.

The process to get back your car depends upon whether your vehicle was towed by whom

  1. NYPD: in case you parked your car illegally.
  2. Marshal/Sheriff: because you owe more than 350 dollars in judgment debt.

For retrieving your car from the NYPD tow pound you need:

  • Current vehicle registration certificate.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Current insurance card of the vehicle.

Cars will only be released to the owners, their spouses, or authorized representatives. Moreover, your car will not be released if it had a parking judgment against it and you have to pay judgments to the parking violation bureau. Parking tickets cannot be paid at the tow pound.

How much does towing cost in NYC?

If your car was towed by NYPD on illegal parking or ticketing then you’ll first have to locate the pound where they have placed your car. After that, you’ll have to pay for the towing fee which was incurred by NYPD. But you cannot pay for the ticket in the pound that has caused the towing nuisance.

For regular tow, the fee is $185 and for heavy-duty tow, it is $370. If your car is not redeemed on the same day that it was towed then an additional $20 overnight storage charge will be applied.

The accepted forms of payments are cash, certified check, ATM bank credit card, money order or traveler’s check or discover, American express, MasterCard, and visa credit card.

What can I do if car blocks my driveway?

What if someone has partially or completely blocked your driveway and you aren’t able to move your car in and out? Report the vehicle to the NYPD and they will ticket the vehicle. If the vehicle has a ticket and you want it to move you can call for blocked driveway towing NYC. 24-hour towing NYC companies will remove the car from the driveway and the owner of the vehicle will have to pay the towing fee done by NYC towing service.

This is just an example of a car towed by officials but if you have car issues like a lockout, flat-tire, faulty transmission, and towing roadside assistance then you should contact towing service NYC companies as they will get your up and running and if it happens to not move at all, they will tow your vehicle to the nearest pit shop for repair.


NYC is a cultural as well as financial hub of America so it makes sense that law enforcement agencies try hard to maintain an overall safe environment. Such goes for illegal parking or ticketing. NYPD ensures that there’s no illegal parking, double parking, or ticket overhead or they will tow your car to the nearest tow pound where you’ll have to tackle the problem of finding your car, removing the ticket, and paying for the towing.

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