How To Get Keys Out Of Locked Car - A Complete Guide

How To Get Keys Out Of Locked Car - A Complete Guide

It's very inconvenient to be locked out of a car. It is unexpectedly frustrating and at times, costly. However, the most important thing in this situation is to keep calm and relax. First, check whether all doors are locked; if yes, don’t lose hope because there are other options you can try to open your car door. We are here to guide you and help you out in this situation.

How to get keys out of locked Car?

Below are some tips to let you know about how to get keys out of locked car.

Get a Spare Key

You might have been provided with a set of car keys when you bought a new car from a company. But depending on your circumstances, this could be challenging. Is the spare key in your house? Where are you now? Have you got a person who could bring it over? Your best option may be to try to open the car yourself or to call a locksmith if you're in a hurry or far from home.

Use a Coat Hanger

One of the most traditional tools for opening a car door is a coat hanger. It can easily fit into any little space because it is long, thin, and flexible. Just above the unlock button, straighten your hanger out, place it inside the door frame's seal, and slowly fiddle with it open until the hanger slides in. Show it where the unlock button is.

Use a String

Make a loop the size of your index finger and tie a slip knot in the thread. Put the looped string in the window of the car's upper right corner. The string should now be gently moved back and forth. The string will move down the window and toward the interior latch if you do this. When you think you have a firm grip on the lock, gently pull up on it to unlock the automobile door.

A Wedge

This might be a little difficult to do sometimes. Search for a powerful, narrow tool that you can use as a wedge. Using a pry tool, remove the top of the door frame, and then insert the wedge to hold the door frame out. Push the unlock button after that using a long, thin rod (it may even be a coat hanger). Towingbee professionals have experienced this technique too, sometimes even successfully.

Slim Jims

When the slim Jim was still in use, most cars were easy to unlock by sliding a long metal object into the side of the door and pulling it up to push the manual button. This technique became more challenging and less efficient as car locking technologies advanced. Sometimes Slim Jims may cause damage to vehicles while using them to run electric wiring through the door.

Enter from the Trunk

Even if the other doors are shut in older car models with a manual locking system, the trunk is typically still open. If so, there's a chance—though it might not be so simple—that you can unlock the back doors.

Find the emergency trunk cord, and then cut it. By doing this, the back seats will be unlocked, making it simpler to move them forward. You can reach the back door by squeezing your hand through the available area. The door can then be manually unlocked by simply lifting the locking pin.

Calling an Emergency Locksmith

Finally, when you are left with no other options, it would be best to call an emergency locksmith to unlock your car door. However, if you find yourself in this worst-case scenario, count on Towingkey. Our car locksmiths are always willing to help in your worst situation. If you ever find yourself locked out of car, Call Towingkey. We provide 24/7 locksmith services in Queens and Manhattan. Learn more about our services on our site, and feel free to contact us anytime.


Towingkey accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your vehicle or another vehicle that you attempt to open using this information. Make sure you are the owner of the vehicle or have permission from the owner before you unlock it. This manual is intended to help people who have accidentally locked their keys in their cars and want to try to unlock them on their own.

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