We have grown so much into using cars that we tend to forget the problem and sudden urges our vehicles cost us. There are more benefits of owning a car and driving it for transportation and pleasure but our cars are machines and machines are prone to wear and tear, breakage and repairs. There is a category of cars called hybrid ones which are on the rise due to being extremely fuel efficient and friendly on roads. They are also becoming a darling for towing companies because of their massive batteries and jump start hybrid capability. But why are hybrids so much popular and what differentiates them from the rest?

Traditional cars have a gasoline engine that generates power by consuming gasoline and moves the car in the given direction. Gasoline engines were the start of the car revolution and are still used today mostly, making them the number one choice of people despite being less environmentally friendly. Hybrid engines work in a different way than gasoline engines. It powers the vehicle from a rechargeable battery that either works alone or in conjunction with the gas engine. Think of it as two horses working together to share the load.

The Electric battery charges via regenerative braking but it can also be charged via an electric outlet. This makes two distinctive hybrid cars. One is HEV (Hybrid electric vehicle) which charges through braking and rotating wheels and one is PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle) which can be juiced through an outside charging solution. As more and more people are becoming conscious of the environment and how cars are involved in making noise and fuel pollution, hybrid vehicles are all the rage. But that doesn’t mean the hybrid cars can’t have problems and especially dead batteries. So if you are stuck with a broken car with a dead battery, what should you do?

Can You  Use a Hybrid to Jump Start a Car ?

You must be questioning as to jump-start a hybrid vehicle is any different than its gasoline counterpart. You must understand that a hybrid car is no less other than gas-powered cars and jump start them, follow the below-mentioned procedure.

How to jump start a hybrid battery?

A normal gasoline engine, especially with a manual transmission, is very easy to jumpstart, but people have been confused about that is it possible to jumpstart a hybrid car battery. Well, it is pretty easy and common, so no need to panic. Follow these steps:

  1. Face the dead battery car and the working car next to each other. Make sure they are in parking gear.
  2. Take out the jumper cables and attach the red clamp to the positive end of the working battery.
  3. Attach the other red clamp to the positive end of the hybrid battery.
  4. Now attach the black jump to the negative end of the working battery.
  5. For the last connection, attach the remaining black clamp to the unpainted metal surface of the non-working car.
  6. Wait for a few minutes and make sure all lights and sensors are switched off.
  7. Now start the working car with full throttle and the gas pedal lightly depressed.
  8. Start your hybrid car with the start button and let it on for a few minutes so that battery can catch some energy

You can jump-start Volvo XC90 hybrid car with this method or almost any other hybrid car for that matter.

Is it safe to jump start a hybrid car?

It is indeed totally safe to jump-start a hybrid car because it is almost similar to gasoline-powered gas with the added exception of a bigger battery to aid in fuel consumption. Your Ford Fusion jump start will not harm you or the car itself.

Can you jump-start other cars with hybrid vehicle?

That is an interesting question that needs to be answered. First of all, hybrid cars are not much different from other cars because these have added high voltage batteries to compensate for the fuel economy. While it is easy to jump-start other cars with hybrid cars, it is also extremely comfortable to jump start a car with hybrid vehicle. For example, jump start a car with RAV4 hybrid car is easy as pie. Just use the above-mentioned process by attaching the cables first to the hybrid car and then to the dead battery car and voila! your car will be started.


With hybrid cars gaining popularity amongst the crowd, it is very much understandable that people need to know basic knowledge and troubleshooting while they own and operate a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid cars have batteries and batteries degrade due to natural build so if you happen to have a broken car with a dead battery, take a deep breath of relief as you can jump-start your vehicle with other cars also the hybrid car can jump-start the gasoline engine. But on a long route, you don’t always have access to other cars almost immediately. So you should grab Schumacher ultra-capacitor hybrid jump starter because it will help in times of need.

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